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According to a new survey, over half (55 per cent) of Brits considering buying property in Spain aren’t worried about Brexit affecting their future, and still plan to pursue a deal.


This is backed up by the fact that more than two fifths (41 per cent of people planning a purchase are either at the serious planning stage, ready to buy, or in the midst of the buying process.

Some people still have worries about buying in Spain, however.

For instance, a third (33 per cent) are delaying their move over concerns about getting affordable healthcare in the country.

Other reasons for a delay include the complex Spanish legal process (30 per cent), being able to maintain a property in the UK (32 per cent), and the current weak pound (20 per cent).

The findings come from a survey of 1,500 Brits planning on acquiring property in Spain, which was carried out by advice website Property Guides.


The questions spanned a range of topics, each delivering an insight into the hopes, fears, and plans of those considering investing one of the UK’s favourite expat destinations.


For those looking for Spanish property, the most popular regions remain the Costa Blanca (42 per cent) and the Costa del Sol (38 per cent), which have attracted Brits for decades.


However, it seems some traditionally popular areas are in decline, with the Balearics (8 per cent), the Costa Brava (14 per cent), and the Canary Islands (13 per cent) attracting less interest than up and comers like Valencia (17 per cent) and Almeria (31 per cent).


When quizzed over what type of property they were looking to buy, respondents revealed that more than a third (35 per cent) are looking to invest in a villa, while almost a quarter (24 per cent) are looking to buy an apartment.

Townhouses (18 per cent) and farmhouses (14 per cent were also fairly popular choices.


Chris Nye, senior editor at Property Guides said: “It’s quite easy to see that, in spite of Brexit, British people remain determined to pursue their dream move to Spain. Even faced with the uncertainties around the process, such as the strength of the pound and healthcare access, many have an unshakeable confidence that they will still be able to enjoy a high standard of life.”

Simply put, the lure of the beautiful weather and a healthy retirement offered by Spain is too strong to be dampened by Brexit concerns, especially among retirees. Many of the people planning a move to the country will have been doing so for years, so it will take a monumental shift in the status quo to make them think twice about investing.”



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