A Spanish Will Is Vital

Spain’s legal system is very different from that of other countries, so when it comes to a time that a will is needed it is vital to have a Spanish will. Now is the time to understand why it is so important and what could happen if someone who dies does not have a Spanish will in place.

To protect any assets that you may have in Spain the advice is that it is paramount to make a Spanish will. This will guarantee then that the inheritance procedure is controlled and straightforward and most importantly less costly.

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Our lawyers are fully qualified and most importantly trained specifically to cover the law for Wills and Inheritance in Spain.

It is also important then to understand the implications of the Spanish tax laws and to get advice that you may need to make sure that any liability is minimised. Inheritance law in Spain also varies from region to region, so it is vitally important to get legal advice and prepare all of the requirements to ensure that the process is straightforward and easy when the time comes.

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